HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital Launches Emergency Telemedicine

As a federally-designated critical access hospital, HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital (founded as Community Memorial Hospital in 1921) has served as a main provider of emergency care in Oconto County for decades. On May 1, 2017, HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital launched the use of new technology that takes its emergency care services to a new, advanced level now and into the future. It’s called, Emergency Telemedicine.

Emergency Telemedicine allows patients in the HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital Emergency Department to be seen by emergency medicine physicians at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital and HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center in Green Bay … with only the click of a button! It serves as an added resource to the full-time, 24/7 care provided by the highly-skilled and trained emergency medicine providers on staff at HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital.

“As part of Hospital Sisters Health System –Eastern Wisconsin Division, HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital, HSHS St. Vincent Hospital and HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center operate as one family,” said Dan DeGroot, Chief Operating Officer, HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital. “As sister hospitals, we share the same mission and practices. Now, thanks to Emergency Telemedicine, we can also be in the same room to provide an enhanced level of emergency care when needed.”

Emergency Telemedicine involves the use of a portable device equipped with a screen, microphone, camera with zoom function and vital sign monitoring tools that can be wheeled to a patient’s bedside. When a patient arrives at the HSHS St. Clare Emergency Department, they are immediately and continuously cared for by the providers on staff. If a consultation or additional exam is needed, providers at HSHS St. Clare can use the Emergency Telemedicine technology to immediately contact a physician at HSHS St. Vincent or St. Mary’s to conduct a video conference and/or exam of the patient. The physicians at HSHS St. Vincent or St. Mary’s are available via Emergency Telemedicine 24-hours a day.

“In the past, consultations between the providers at HSHS St. Clare, St. Vincent and St. Mary’s were conducted over the phone,” said Colleen Koski, Director, Patient Care Services, HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital. “Emergency Telemedicine allows us to make more accurate and efficient decisions about patient care. In some cases, it may also eliminate the need for a patient to be transferred to Green Bay for care.”

To learn more about Emergency Telemedicine at HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital, click here.

In March 2017, HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital implemented Telestroke, which utilizes the same technology as Emergency Telemedicine to deliver faster, improved care of stroke patients. Click here to learn more about Telestroke at HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital.


Event to be held at the following time, date, and location:

Saturday, May 27, 2017 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM (CDT)

Oconto Falls
Memorial Field
Oconto Falls, WI 54154

Dash O.F. Color is a non-timed 5K run/walk that is fun for the entire family! People of all ages will enjoy a stroll through town while they get covered with color!

Every participant registered by midnight on 5/15/17 will be given a t-shirt & sunglasses!

Get a team together and have some fun… wear crazy outfits! There will be prizes for Costumes…Colorfulness…Largest Team and More!

Packet Pickup?

Friday, May 26th Noon – 6:00 pm at Senn Hometown Insurance Agency, 237 N. Main St., Oconto Falls (920)848-2341.

Saturday May 27th 7:00-9:00 am, Memorial Field Oconto Falls WI

Sign Up Here


This Falls Area Community Enrichment (FACE) event is sponsored in conjunction with pARTy ON! Participants will be able to choose a bird house, cookie jar, square plate, planter, or travel mug for their ceramic project The activity will take place in the Art room at Oconto Falls Elementary School.

DATE: Wednesday, April 19 OR Thursday, May 4th
TIME: 4:00 – 8:00 PM
PLACE: Oconto Falls Elementary School
COST: (price varies based on the project)
Bird House: $25
Cookie Jar: $25
Square Plate: $20
Planter with plate: $20
Travel Mug: $15

The fee will cover the cost of the ceramic piece, glazes, and firing. All projects will be ready for pick-up prior to Mother’s Day. Make it a date with your child or grandchild or just come for yourself!

All you need is an open mind and the desire to create while having fun with friends, both old and new!

registration link:

email: partyoncreate@gmail.com
website: http://getyourpartyoncreate.weebly.com/

Nsight Telservices has launched IT Services!

We are excited to bring IT Services to our current customers and new customers alike.
With the addition of IT services to our current portfolio of business solutions, we are able to provide you another layer of comprehensive, customized solutions.

Email for additional information::
1. Questions: contact our business customer care team at: 617.7888 or nsight-support@nsight.com

IT services at a glance:
· Hardware replacement
· Physical or virtual server implementation
· Networking equipment
· Windows, Linux, Exchange Server, Microsoft Office, Terminal Server, firewalls, VOIP, Cloud and other IT-related technologies
· Site relocation services
· Network and server troubleshooting
· Workstation and printer connectivity
· Infection and cybersecurity defense
· Backup and recovery solutions
· Security and data protection

Nsight Telservices Business Product Portfolio
· Advanced IT Services
· IP phone systems
· Internal wiring service
· PC repair
· Managed router solution
· Data
· Transport
· Voice


District Solo and Ensemble The Oconto Falls High School Music Department participated in the Near North Music Conference District Solo and Ensemble Festival on Saturday, March 11. 56 musicians, representing 39 choral events and 3 instrumental events, have earned a Class A – Starred First rating, advancing them to the State Festival on Saturday, May 6 at UW-Green Bay. This year’s festival was hosted at Oconto High School. Participating schools included Oconto Falls High School, Oconto High School, Marinette High School, St. Thomas Aquinas – Marinette, Washington Middle School, Oconto Middle School, and Marinette Middle School. Music students from each school performed for adjudicators and were evaluated on tone, intonation, balance, technique, and expression, as well as vocal technique, musicality, physical characterization, objections,and expression for Musical Theater events.
Congratulations to these outstanding student musicians:


CHOIR & BAND RESULTS • March 11, 2017




Makenna Kussow, vocal solo

Kayla Sharboneau, vocal solo

Paige Bain-Vrba, vocal solo

Kaitlin Kramarczyk, vocal solo

Hailey Ferfecki, vocal solo

Mara Grasse, vocal solo

Charis Wirtley, vocal solo

Amber Proctor, vocal solo

Mackenzie Staidl, vocal solo

Lillian Olson, vocal solo

Ethan Winkler, vocal solo

Peter Murphy, vocal solo

Camden Jackson, vocal solo

Hunter Christenson, vocal solo

Makenna Kussow, musical theater solo

Kayla Sharboneau, musical theater solo

Paige Bain-Vrba, musical theater solo

Kaitlin Kramarczyk, musical theater solo

Mara Grasse, musical theater solo

Hailey Ferfecki, musical theater solo

Charis Wirtley, musical theater solo

Andrea Spang, musical theater solo

Camden Jackson, musical theater solo

Alex Kamke, musical theater solo

Peter Murphy, musical theater solo

Alli Luebke, trumpet solo

Garrett Wons, alto saxophone solo

Makenna Kussow & Kayla Sharboneau, vocal duet

Charis Wirtley & Mackenzie Staidl, vocal duet

Kayla Sharboneau & Peter Murphy, vocal duet

Makenna Kussow & Camden Jackson, vocal duet

SSA Trio: Paige Bain-Vrba, Makenna Kussow, & Kayla Sharboneau

Alto Saxophone Trio: Natalie Olson, Delani Romback, & Elizabeth Kallies

Chamber Singers SSA Miscellaneous Ensemble: Megan Loberger,

Alicia Carter, Kaylee Greetan, Angel Gruszynski, Morgan Haslitt,

Vicky Kozlovsky, Kaitlin Kramarczyk, Jennifer Longsine, Cortney Meunier, Kaylin Nickels, Lillian Olson, Taylor Pritzl, Theresa Whitehouse,

& Nova Winans

Chamber Singers SSAA Madrigal: Cortney Meunier, Paige Bain-Vrba, Alicia Carter, Kaylee Greetan, Angel Gruszynski, Morgan Haslitt, Vicky Kozlovsky, Kaitlin Kramarczyk, Makenna Kussow, Megan Loberger, Jennifer Longsine, Kaylin Nickels, Lillian Olson, Taylor Pritzl, Kayla Sharboneau, Theresa Whitehouse, & Nova Winans

Cantabile SSA Miscellaneous Ensemble: Hailey Ferfecki, Andrea Spang, Megan Zielinski, Hannah Holden, Lydia Murphy-Hendricks, Calisa Reyes, Paige Stapleton, Grace Williams, Anna Maria Oliveira-Assuncao, Amber Proctor, Mackenzie Staidl, & Laken Wall

Cantabile SSA Miscellaneous Ensemble: Mara Grasse, Mikayla Cassel, Aliza Dickinson, Rayne Winans, Isabella Behnke, Graciella Carter, Erin Effenberger, Jordan Rennie, Tianna Rowell-Brown, Faith Hujet, Alayna Smith, & Charis Wirtley

Cantabile SSA Madrigal: Mackenzie Staidl, Isabella Behnke, Graciella Carter, Mikayla Cassel, Aliza Dickinson, Hailey Ferfecki, Mara Grasse, Faith Hujet, Rayne Winans, Amber Proctor, Jordan Rennie, Calisa Reyes, Alayna Smith, Andrea Spang, Paige Stapleton, Laken Wall, Grace Williams, Anna Maria Oliveira-Assuncao, Charis Wirtley, & Megan Zielinski

Chorale TTBB Miscellaneous Ensemble: Hunter Christenson,

Keith Archiquette, Alex Kamke, Hunter Schaden, Camden Jackson, Colter McCormick, Hunter Ryczek, Ethan Winkler, Peter Murphy, & Ryan Umentum

Chorale TTB Miscellaneous Ensemble: Ryan Umentum, Keith Archiquette, Alex Kamke, Hunter Schaden, Camden Jackson, Hunter Christenson, Colter McCormick, Hunter Ryczyek, Ethan Winkler, & Peter Murphy

SSATB Madrigal: Makenna Kussow, Paige Bain-Vrba, Hailey Ferfecki, Mara Grasse, Kayla Sharboneau, Andrea Spang, Mackenzie Staidl, Charis Wirtley, Hunter Christenson, Camden Jackson, Peter Murphy, Ryan Umentum, Hunter Ryczek, Ethan Winkler, & Keith Archiquette

SATB Vocal Jazz Ensemble: Camden Jackson, Makenna Kussow,

Paige Bain-Vrba, Hailey Ferfecki, Mara Grasse, Kayla Sharboneau,

Andrea Spang, Mackenzie Staidl, Charis Wirtley, Hunter Christenson, Peter Murphy, Ryan Umentum, Hunter Ryczek, Keith Archiquette, & Ethan Winkler


Laken Wall, vocal solo

Andrea Spang, vocal solo

Aliza Dickinson, vocal solo

Ryan Umentum, vocal solo

Alex Kamke, vocal solo

Aliza Dickinson, musical theater solo

Mikayla Pagel, clarinet solo

Hannah Fontaine, alto saxophone solo

Mara Grasse & Hunter Christenson, vocal duet


Delani Romback, alto saxophone solo

Cameron Mercier, piccolo solo

Trae Fischer, euphonium solo

Kalie Elkins, Emily Gonnering, & Alli Luebke, trumpet trio

Peter Murphy, Delani Romback, Garrett Wons, & Aaron Gonnering, saxophone quartet

Percussion Ensemble: Cameron Box, Collin Schindel, Charis Wirtley, Alexzander Wilson, & Joe Walters


Kaylin Nickels, vocal solo

Alicia Carter, vocal solo

Graciella Carter, vocal solo

Autumn Canavera, vocal solo

Cedar Olson, vocal solo

Isabella Rennie, vocal solo

Lyndsey Luebke, vocal solo

Alaina Kruse, vocal solo

Keith Archiquette, vocal solo

Devon Johnson, tuba solo

Paige Stapleton, trumpet solo

Camden Jackson, French horn solo

Emily Gonnering, trumpet solo

Liam Funkhouser, trumpet solo

Janelle Wolford, trumpet solo

Orion Hodkiewicz, trumpet solo

Joe Walters, snare drum solo

Hunter Christenson & Keith Archiquette, vocal duet

Paige Bain-Vrba & Nova Winans, vocal duet

Isabella Behnke, & Megan Zielinski, vocal duet

Haley Schwantes & Lyndsey Luebke, vocal duet

Amber Proctor & Laken Wall, vocal duet

Lauryn Slade & Elizabeth Olson, vocal duet

Madeline Dorn & Lydia Romback, vocal duet

Catelyn Kramer & Trinady Vorpahl, vocal duet

Autumn Canavera & Lindsey Schuster, vocal duet

Jordan Rennie & Isabella Rennie, vocal duet

Autumn Canavera & Isabella Rennie, clarinet duet

Josh Johnson & Ryan Kennedy, trombone duet

Cameron Mercier & Kya Pecha, flute duet

Hunter Gagnon, Brett Proctor, Keeshawn Katers, & Brody Schindel, trumpet quartet

Concert Choir SSA Miscellaneous Ensemble: Isabella Rennie,

Autumn Canavera, Madeline Dorn, Haley Schwantes, Lauryn Slade, Lauren Dickinson, Alaina Kruse, Caitrin Lonzo, Cedar Olson, Tavia Westcott, Emma Bliskey, & Trinady Vorpahl

Concert Choir SSA Miscellaneous Ensemble: Catelyn Kramer,

Lyndsey Luebke, Lydia Romback, Paige Renier, Kayley VanDenEng, Novalee Viste, Jayde Weed, Hope Hujet, Elizabeth Olson, & Lindsey Schuster

Jazz Ensemble: Hannah Fontaine, Natalie Lubenske, Cameron Mercier, Peter Murphy, Nicole Lubenske, Aidan Spillane, Mackenzie Staidl, Sierra Seizyk, Cade Rathsack, Alli Luebke, Emily Gonnering, Kalie Elkins, Paige Stapleton, Isaac Carlton, Lyndsey Luebke, Tyler Mielke, Camden Jackson, & Cameron Box


Haley Schwantes, vocal solo

Caitlyn Krejarek, piano solo

Elizabeth Kallies, alto saxophone solo

Katelyn Albrecht, alto saxophone solo

Nicole Lubenske, clarinet solo

Natalie Lubenske, alto saxophone solo

Kya Pecha, flute solo

Kaitlin Kramarczyk, clarinet solo

Alexzander Wilson, snare drum solo

Mikayla Cassel & Jada Janiak, clarinet duet

Jesse Niswonger & Mackenzie Staidl, trombone duet

Ethan Winkler & Mitchell Williams, trumpet duet

Alyssa Langlay & Sierra Seizyk, trumpet-trombone duet

Jenna Lefevre & Emily Tomesek, oboe duet

Riley Yashinsky & Skylar Marquardt, saxophone duet

Travis Bohl, Kayla Vickman, & Isaac Carlton, brass trio

Paul Langlay, Cade Rathsack, Lyndsey Luebke, & Mackenzie Staidl, brass quartet


Ashton Rowell – alto saxophone solo


Hayden Cross, Adian Spillane & Jacob Holman, saxophone quartet

Share your career skills with a student

studentsThe Oconto Falls School District is looking to build partnerships with community members. Individuals and businesses are invited to share their knowledge and experience in a variety of ways. They can volunteer as tutors, let students shadow them at their businesses or visit the schools and do class presentations telling about their industry and the skills they have.

If you’re hesitant to teach a group of students or don’t have time in your schedule for a class presentation consider meeting students one-on-one or in a small group at your workplace. Students can tour your facility, learn about jobs
in your field and determine if this is a career path for them.

To sign up as a community partner, please fill out this survey, https://goo.gl/tKhm0J, and we’ll get the process started.

Thank you for your help. The school district looks forward to building relationships with the members of community.

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Get Screened, Reduce Your Risk and Know the Warning Signs

Although colon cancer is a preventable and curable disease if caught early, it remains the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. The experts at HSHS St. Clare Regional Surgery Center, located on the campus of HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital in Oconto Falls, provide highly-effective screening, prevention and treatment of colon cancer.

The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons recommends people at an average risk of getting colon cancer receive a colonoscopy annually beginning at age 50. Increased risk patients may need earlier and more frequent screening depending upon recommendation by a health care provider.

People at an increased risk for colon cancer include:
· Those with a personal or family history of colorectal polyps or cancer
· Those with a personal history of breast, uterine or ovarian cancer
· Those with chronic ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease

In addition to regular screening for colon cancer, you may also be able to lower your risk by:
· Avoiding foods high in fat
· Adding plenty of vegetables, fruits and other high-fiber foods to your diet
· Exercising regularly and maintaining a normal body weight
· Not smoking
· Drinking alcohol only in moderation

Warning signs of colon cancer can include:
· Blood in or on the stool
· Recurrent shifts in normal bowel habits such as experiencing diarrhea or constipation for no known reason
· Thinning of the stool
· Increases in stomach discomfort (bloating, gas, fullness and/or cramps that last more than a few days)
· A feeling that the bowel does not empty completely
· Weight loss for no known reason
· Constant and unexplained fatigue

For more information about colon cancer screening, prevention and treatment, call HSHS St. Clare Regional Surgery Center at (920) 965-7411. No referral is needed and Saturday colonoscopy times are available.

Book Fair and Gift Sale at the Hospital

The Auxiliary of HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital will host its bi-annual book fair and gift sale at the hospital on Wednesday, March 29.

Books, music, greeting cards, toys, accessories and gifts for all ages will be for sale, with proceeds benefitting various projects and programs at HSHS St. Clare – a faith-based, not-for-profit hospital.

Book Fair & Gift Sale
· Wednesday, March 29
· 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
· HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital, 855 S. Main St in Oconto Falls
o Assisi Rooms A & B

The Auxiliary has a long-standing history of financial support and community volunteers giving their time, talent and resources to benefit HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital; and, more volunteers are needed! If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a hospital volunteer, contact Regina Boettcher at (920) 848-6348.