Live from nashville 2On Sunday, April 17, LIVE FROM NASHVILLE! will perform in the Falls Area Performing Arts Center at 2:00 p.m.

America has long had a love affair with Country music, Country singers, Country musicians; Nashville is the City of American Music! Now is your chance to celebrate Country on our very own stage. We’re talking the songs that define American Music – the songs that America’s beloved singers have brought to life for decades: Patsy & Hank, Cash, Parton, Swift…you name it, the music comes to life! LIVE FROM NASHVILLE is an incredible production direct from Music City that stars singers and dancers, and a bona fide band of Nashville musicians, dazzling staging and costumes: all designed to celebrate a century of celebrities and treasured songs from Music City right on the Falls Area Performing Arts Center stage in Oconto Falls!

Twelve musicians, singers, and dancers bring phenomenal fiddling, fancy footwork, and top-flight vocals your way. This theatrical production is truly extraordinary, a trip through America’s greatest music – the music she calls her own! LIVE FROM NASHVILLE is a song and dance spectacular; fully costumed and choreographed in the tradition that gave Music City its name – a production that will leave your toes tapping, your adrenalin pumping, and your memories churning.

Tickets: $40 per person, which includes a $2 processing fee.

For tickets, call the Oconto Falls Friends of the Arts at (920) 848-7469 or order tickets online at

DORF KAPELLE – Dinner and Show

DORF KAPELLE-NEW PHOTOOn Sunday, April 3, DORF KAPELLE – Dinner and Show will be held at Romy’s Holiday Inn-Kelly Lake at 1:00 p.m. Back by popular demand!

DORF KAPELLE and director Ernest Broeniman continue to share the finest in authentic folk music of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. Capturing the traditional ethnic style of the typical European Village Band, DORF KAPELLE continues to delight audiences throughout Wisconsin and is proud to celebrate their 25th season. Relax and enjoy an afternoon of waltzes, polkas, marches and so much more! Dinner will include Romy’s famous chicken & tips!

Tickets: $45 per person, which includes a $2 processing fee. Seating is limited—advance ticket sales only.

For tickets, call the Oconto Falls Friends of the Arts at (920) 848-7469 or order tickets online at

OFHS send 64 musicians to State Music dFestival

The Oconto Falls High School Music Department recently participated in the Near North Music Conference District Solo Ensemble Festival on Saturday, March 12 at Oconto High School. Students were evaluated by WSMA adjudicators in a variety of musical categories, including tone, intonation, balance, technique, and expression. 45 events involving 65 student musicians qualified for the State Solo & Ensemble to be held on May 7 at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Participating schools in the Near North Music Conference included Oconto Falls High School, Washington Middle School-Oconto Falls, Oconto High School, Oconto Middle School, Marinette High School, Marinette Middle School, and St. Thomas Aquinas School. Choral Director Amy Thiel and Band Director Ben Burish both commented on how proud they were of these outstanding students! Results are as follows:

Leah Wons, vocal solo
Kiana Archiquette, vocal solo
Victoria Bain-Vrba, vocal solo
Eja Sweig, vocal solo
Emily Coopman, vocal solo
Jennifer Deau, vocal solo
Makenna Kussow, vocal solo
Kaitlyn Brunette, vocal solo
Kayla Sharboneau, vocal solo
Kaitlin Kramarczyk, vocal solo
Camden Jackson, vocal solo
Peter Murphy, vocal solo
Alex Kamke, vocal solo
Eja Sweig, musical theater solo
Jennifer Deau, musical theater solo
Leah Wons, musical theater solo
Kiana Archiquette, musical theater solo
Andrea Shamburek, musical theater solo
Victoria Bain-Vrba, musical theater solo
Makenna Kussow, musical theater solo
Paige Bain-Vrba, musical theater solo
Kayla Sharboneau, musical theater solo
Mara Grasse, musical theater solo
Cameron Box, drum set solo
Allison Luebke, trumpet solo
Delani Romback, alto saxophone solo
Brittany Russell, alto saxophone solo
Eja Sweig & Jaclyn Erickson, vocal duet
Victoria Bain-Vrba & Paige Bain-Vrba, vocal duet
Ashley Baeten & Leah Wons, vocal duet
Makenna Kussow & Kaitlyn Brunette, vocal duet
Hailey Ferfecki & Camryn Radaj, vocal duet
Kiana Archiquette & Peter Murphy, vocal duet

SSA Vocal Trio: Jaclyn Erickson, Simone Safian, & Emily Coopman
SSA Vocal Trio: Jennifer Deau, Leah Wons, & Ashley Baeten
Saxophone Quartet: Samuel Fletcher, Aaron Gonnering, Peter Murphy, & Delani Romback
SATB Vocal Jazz Ensemble: Eja Sweig, Kiana Archiquette, Ashley Baeten, Victoria Bain-Vrba, Emily Coopman, Leah Wons, Jennifer Deau, Jaclyn Erickson, Makenna Kussow, Simone Safian, Andrea Shamburek, Hunter Christenson, Wylie Howey, Alex Kamke, Ethan Winkler,
Camden Jackson, Hunter Ryczek, Jacob Ellman, & Peter Murphy
Chamber Singers SSA Miscellaneous Ensemble: Andrea Shamburek,
Victoria Bain-Vrba, Emily Coopman, Danielle Bursa, Alexandria Clark, Michaela Meyer, Simone Safian, Jaclyn Erickson, Karley Krueger, Ashley Baeten, Andrea Shamburek, Adrianna Siech, & Brittany Wirtz
Chamber Singers SSA Miscellaneous Ensemble: Kiana Archiquette, Leah Wons, Jennifer Deau, Ahlana Saray, Chyna Sell, Chloe Hetzel, & Eja Sweig
Chamber Singers SSAA Madrigal: Leah Wons, Brittany Wirtz, Eja Sweig, Adrianna Siech, Andrea Shamburek, Karley Krueger, Ahlana Saray, Simone Safian, Chloe Hetzel, Jaclyn Erickson, Jennifer Deau, Chyna Sell, Michaela Meyer, Emily Coopman, Alexandria Clark, Danielle Bursa, Victoria Bain-Vrba, Ashley Baeten, & Kiana Archiquette
Cantabile SSAA Madrigal: Makenna Kussow, Paige Bain-Vrba, Megan Loberger, Kaitlyn Brunette, Aliza Dickinson, Vicky Kozlovsky, Kayla Sharboneau, Theresa Whitehouse, Rayne Winans, Taylor Blasing, Hailey Ferfecki, Jennifer Longsine, Alicia Carter, Kaylin Nickels, Taylor Pritzl, Morgan Haslitt, Faith Hujet, Kaitlin Kramarczyk, Camryn Radaj, & Cortney Meunier
Cantabile SSA Miscellaneous Ensemble: Jennifer Longsine, Aliza Dickinson, Makenna Kussow, Megan Loberger, Megan Zielinski, Kaitlyn Brunette, Hannah Holden, Alicia Carter, Theresa Whitehouse, Taylor Blasing, Kaylee Greetan, Morgan Haslitt, Kaylin Nickels, Camryn Radaj, Taylor Pritzl
Chorale TTBB Miscellaneous Ensemble: Jacob Ellman, Alex Kamke, Ethan Winkler, Hunter Christenson, Camden Jackson, Wylie Howey, David Grenke, Hunter Ryczek, Yibo Li, & Peter Murphy
SATB Madrigal: Victoria Bain-Vrba, Eja Sweig, Kiana Archiquette, Ashley Baeten, Emily Coopman, Leah Wons, Jennifer Deau, Jaclyn Erickson, Makenna Kussow, Simone Safian, Andrea Shamburek, Hunter Christenson, Wylie Howey, Alex Kamke, Ethan Winkler, Camden Jackson, Hunter Ryczek, Jacob Ellman, & Peter Murphy
Percussion Ensemble: Cameron Box, Jacob Engel, Camden Jackson, Ally Magnin, Collin Schindel, & Alexzander Willson

Simone Safian, vocal solo
Ashley Baeten, vocal solo
Andrea Shamburek, vocal solo
Hailey Ferfecki, vocal solo
Aliza Dickinson, vocal solo
Paige Bain-Vrba, vocal solo
Mara Grasse, vocal solo
Andrea Spang, vocal solo
Charis Wirtley, vocal solo
Ashley Baeten, musical theater solo
Emily Coopman, musical theater solo
Simone Safian, musical theater solo
Samuel Fletcher, clarinet solo
Brianna Lefebre, flute solo
Cameron Mercier, flute solo
Trae Fischer, euphonium solo
Kiana Archiquette & Andrea Shamburek, vocal duet
Kayla Sharboneau & Megan Loberger, vocal duet
Hailey Ferfecki & Camden Jackson, vocal duet
Alex Kamke & Ethan Winkler, vocal duet
Cantabile SSA Madrigal: Hailey Ferfecki, Paige Bain-Vrba, Kayla Sharboneau, Shaianne Thompson, Vicky Kozlovsky, Kaitlin Kramarczyk, Rayne Winans, Julianna Agamaite, Angel Gruszynski, Faith Hujet, Faith Kaminski, Cortney Meunier, Cinthia Torres, & Elexea Weinandt

Hannah Fontaine, alto saxophone solo
Jada Janiak, clarinet solo
Simone Safian & Jennifer Deau, vocal duet
Matthew Martin & Skylar Marquardt, saxophone duet
Natalie Olson & Madeline Witt, saxophone duet
Mitchell Williams & Ethan Winkler, trumpet duet

Julianna Agamaite, vocal solo
Rayne Winans, vocal solo
Mikayla Cassel, vocal solo
Mackenzie Staidl, vocal solo
Amber Proctor, vocal solo
Jacob Ellman, vocal solo
Yibo Li, vocal solo
Ethan Winkler, vocal solo
Isaac Carlton, euphonium solo
Aaron Gonnering, baritone saxophone solo
Jamey Gruszynski, flute solo
Jenna Lefevre, oboe solo
Sierra Rose Seizyk, trombone solo
Isabella Behnke & Mackenzie Staidl, vocal duet
Flute Trio: Ashley Baeten, Bridgett Gorman, & Kya Pecha
Woodwind Trio: Amanda Manning, Mikayla Pagel, & Mariah Vorpahl
Trumpet Quartet: Hunter Gagnon, Keeshawn Katers, Brett Proctor, & Brody Schindel

Concert Choir SSA Miscellaneous Ensemble: Mackenzie Staidl, Mikayla Cassel, Andrea Spang, Grace Williams, Charis Wirtley, Alice Bateman, Graciella Carter, Erin Effenberger, Adeline Pumplun, Jordan Rennie, Laken Wall, Mara Grasse, Amber Proctor, Tina Spice

Jazz Ensemble: Ashley Baeten, Cameron Box, Isaac Carlton, Samuel Fletcher, Hannah Fontaine, Emily Gonnering, Camden Jackson, Matthew Judd, Amara Lister, Allison Luebke, Matthew Martin, Cameron Mercier, Peter Murphy, Brittany Russell, Sierra Rose Seizyk, Andrea Shamburek, Mackenzie Staidl

Faith Kaminski, vocal solo
Taylor Blasing, vocal solo
Adeline Pumplun, vocal solo
Laken Wall, vocal solo
Graciella Carter, vocal solo
Emily Gonnering, trumpet solo
Orion Hodkiewicz, trumpet solo
Kaitlin Kramarczyk, clarinet solo
Alyssa Langlay, trumpet solo
Nicole Micoliczyk, flute solo
Gary Saari, tuba solo
Emily Tomesek, oboe solo
Mikayla Cassel & Sisney Romo, clarinet duet
Saxophone Quartet: Hayden Cross, Aaron Van Den Elzen, Dale Tomesek, & Garrett Wons

Trombone Trio: Cole Danoff, Jacob Ellman, & Joshua Johnson

The Matchmaker

Kiana Archiquette and Camden Jackson find themselves at opposite ends of an unlikely relationship in the OFHS Drama Club’s The Matchmaker.
Kiana Archiquette and Camden Jackson find themselves at opposite ends of an unlikely relationship in the OFHS Drama Club’s The Matchmaker.

Before Broadway ever sang “Hello Dolly!” there was The Matchmaker. The Oconto Falls High School Drama Club is currently preparing for their spring production – the play that led to the creation of that musical made famous by Barbra Streisand and Carol Channing. Written by Wisconsin native Thornton Wilder, this farce in four acts highlights the mischievous dealings of Mrs. Dolly Levi, the matchmaker.

A certain old merchant of Yonkers, NY, is so rich in the 1800s that he decides to take a wife. He employs a matchmaker, a woman who subsequently becomes involved with two of his menial clerks, assorted young and lovely ladies, and the headwaiter at an expensive restaurant where this swift farce runs headlong into hilarious complications and a series of hide and seek scenes. After everyone gets straightened out romantically and has his heart’s desire, the merchant finds himself affianced to the astute matchmaker herself. He who was so shrewd in business is putty in the hands of Dolly Levi.

Taking on the challenging role of Dolly, along with being Student Director, is senior Kiana Archiquette while the tight-fisted merchant Horace Vandergelder will be played by sophomore Camden Jackson. The rest of the cast includes: Alex Kamke, Ethan Winkler, Leah Wons, Andrea Spang, Victoria Bain-Vrba, Andrea Shamburek, Peter Murphy, Hannah Fontaine, Kraig Patenaude, Mackenzie Staidl, Adeline Pumplun, Paige Bain-Vrba, and Claudia van Houwelingen. The production is under the direction of faculty member Gayle Gander.

The Matchmaker will be presented in the Falls Area Performing Arts Center April 1 and 2 at 7:00 pm, and April 3 at 2:00 pm. Tickets will be sold at the door for the cost of $7 adults, $6 senior citizens, and $5 students. Looking for an entertaining event? Check out The Matchmaker – a piece of theatre history!