Lions, Elementary and Skiing – Oh My!

5th graders (left to right) Jesse Kaminecki, Gavin Sell, and Tucker Bouche take the long downhill stretch from the District Office.
5th graders (left to right) Jesse Kaminecki, Gavin Sell, and Tucker Bouche take the long downhill stretch from the District Office.

An unusual 3 way outdoor partnership came together this week at Oconto Falls Elementary. Chique Tousey-Tabar and Ray Tabar are shown with a with a $500 check from the Oconto Falls Lions, in front of their trail grooming equipment with the Oconto Falls Elementary cross country ski trail in the background.

Ray serves as the trail manager and Chique serves as the Secretary/Treasurer for the Machickanee Cross Country Ski Club. The club coordinates a system of over seven miles of trails in the Machickanee forest south of Oconto Falls.

The Tabars are passionate about the sport and have done much to promote youngster’s interest. For the past seven or eight years, when snow conditions were favorable, they partnered with Oconto Falls Elementary physical education teacher Rochelle Otto to give 4th and 5th grade students an experience on skis.

Over the years, a collection of skis, poles, shoes, and bindings has been put together from donations and Rochelle’s P.E. budget. When the time is right, Ray uses club equipment to groom trails on the property behind the school. The school’s daily schedule is modified slightly to allow for an extended physical education period.

Over a one week period, each 4th and 5th grader gets a chance to “take to the slopes.” For the 4th grade students, it is a first time experience. The 5th graders are almost “pros,” since it is a second year experience for them. The program has multiple benefits including getting a taste for a life-long sport, understanding that there are great trails only a few miles away, and encouraging outdoor physical activity at a time when “cabin fever” can creep into the classroom. Mrs. Otto’s class continues to get high marks for being fun.

Machickanee Ski Club Donation 2.18.14
Ray and Chique flash smiles with the Lions donation.

Chique volunteers extensively with the Lions ticket scanning at Lambeau Field. The Lions are pleased to support the Machickanee Cross Country Ski Club and their efforts to bring the love of this “silent sport” to young people of the area.

Anyone who has good used cross country equipment, especially sized for younger skiers, to donate to this effort can contact the Tabar’s at 846-2965.

Training in CNC with the Computer Integrated Manufacturing Mobile Lab

UntitledCOMING SOON to NWTC in Oconto Falls

Training in CNC with the Computer Integrated Manufacturing Mobile Lab

That’s right – a new opportunity for current and future machinists close to home!

Intro to G-Code and Cam 1 will be offered on Monday nights and Saturday mornings (student attends both days) starting March 31. The class (#28251) meets continuously on the scheduled dates so that students can complete the 30 hour course in record time.

This training opportunity is unique. The 44 foot mobile lab is packed with technology including:
• A Haas computer numerical control (CNC) lathe
• A Haas CNC mill
• 13 computers
• A SMART board

The lab is totally self-contained, is run with two on-board diesel generators, and pulled by a one-ton commercial grade pick-up truck.
The lab’s two slide-outs provide the space necessary for everything that a student would find in a stationary lab. It is run by a CNC lab aide and instructor.

For more information or to enroll in this class:
NWTC Oconto Falls
649 E. Jackson St
Oconto Falls, WI 54154
Phone 920-848-6982

DNR Outdoor Report

newsletterSnow and trails in some of the best conditions that have been experienced in years

More seasonable winter weather finally arrived this week, breaking the pattern of several weeks of frigid temperatures. Only light snowfalls have been reported across the state in the last week, but thanks to the cold weather, snow depths remain very deep across much of the state.

Snowmobile and cross-country ski conditions remain good to very good across the state. Additional light snowfalls have allowed both snowmobile and ski groomers to continue to keep trails in some of the best conditions that have been experienced in years.

The cold and snow have continued to hamper inland ice fishing, especially in the Northwoods, where the deep snow and slush has made travel very difficult. Many days have seen virtually no fishing pressure on many lakes, including some of the major waters. Fishing activity has been higher in the south, where activity has been steady on some lakes.

The best fishing has continued to be on Green Bay were anglers were out again in good numbers at many locations along both the east and west shores. Whitefish continue to provide the best action, with limits again reported. Some walleye were also reported in the Menominee River, and some northern pike caught off Oconto and Brown counties.

Larry Peters has decided to hang up his broom for one last time.

L.Peters Retirement 1.30.14After over 30 years of caring for the learning space at Abrams Elementary School, Larry Peters has decided to hang up his broom for one last time. He was the guest of honor at a celebration in his honor on January 30th. Friends, family members, and current and former Abrams staff were on hand to recognize him for the care and attention he gave to that building and the people who walked its halls over that time period.

As a student, Larry moved into that brand new building to start his 7th grade school year. Perhaps because he was a student when the building was bright and fresh, he did everything in his power to keep it looking that way when he came on board.

While it is not clear if there was any connection, the building was without power for a couple of hours on Wednesday of last week. Even if he had been on the job, there are some things over which even he had no control.

The Oconto Falls School District extends best wishes to Larry and Nancy as he moves forward and leaves behind a great looking building that does not show its age. He plans to spend much more time working with facility related duties with his church.

Tax Tip #3 Relationship Status

Divorce fallout extends to tax pitfalls
Major life events, including changes in relationships, can have a big impact on how people file their taxes. Divorce falls into this category. H&R Block (NYSE: HRB) offers these tips to help people who are separated or divorced file accurate tax returns.

The IRS needs to know about name changes – they impact timely refund processing
After a name change, remember to request a new Social Security card with your new name. Your name on your tax return must match what the Social Security Administration has on file. If it doesn’t, it could take longer to process your tax return, result in denied tax credits or deductions and delay the issuance of a tax refund.

Marital status changes can change tax filing status
Your marital status Dec. 31 of the year you are filing your tax return is a determinant in your filing status. This means taxpayers who were not divorced or legally separated Dec. 31 generally must continue to file as married filing jointly or married filing separately.
Being divorced could qualify you to file as head of household if you also meet these two conditions:
• Paid more than half the cost of keeping up your home
• Had a qualifying dependent living in your home more than half of the year.
Divorced taxpayers who do not qualify to use the head of household status will generally file as single.

Alimony is a deduction for the payer and taxable income for the recipient
The payer may claim alimony payments as an above-the-line tax deduction, which means it can be deducted by taxpayers who don’t itemize and still reduce taxable income. The recipient must claim alimony as taxable income. Adjusting the amount of withholding on their W-4 can help some recipients avoid needing to make quarterly estimated tax payments.
Child support is a different story; child support isn’t tax-deductible for the payer, and child support isn’t considered income for the recipient and therefore should not be reported on income tax returns.

Who claims children as dependents is up to the parents
In most cases, the custodial parent (the parent the children spend more nights with) will claim the children as their dependents. However, noncustodial parents can claim children as their dependents with the proper written consent of the custodial parent.
If the custodial parent releases the exemption, the noncustodial parent would also claim the Child Tax Credit for children under 17 and the Child Care Credit. The custodial parent, if eligible, would claim the Earned Income Tax Credit, and file as head of household.

Injured/innocent spouse protection can provide relief
Divorce, separation, and remarriage can often prompt people to review their tax history and sometimes seek relief. These are the types of protection the IRS provides for eligible spouses:
• If the couple is filing jointly and one spouse owes back taxes or has other past-due obligations (e.g., child support) for which the IRS can hold back some or all of a joint tax refund, the other spouse can request injured spouse relief
o When injured spouse relief is granted, the injured spouse may be able to get their portion of a tax refund, while their spouse’s portion would offset the past-due debts
• Taxpayers who suspect a past joint tax return may have understated income and tax without their knowledge may seek relief from joint tax liability by requesting innocent spouse relief, which is available in these three categories (each with its own set of qualifications)
o Innocent spouse relief
o Separation of liability
o Equitable relief – a recent change has removed the two-year time limit for requesting this specific type of relief, which the IRS says is often sought by people who faced difficult or intimidating situations, such as domestic abuse.
Taxes fluctuate due to three areas – income, filing status and possible tax credits and deductions. Not understanding this leads directly to taxpayers making some of the most common filing inaccuracies and not taking tax breaks they are eligible to claim. When big life changes happen, there are often big tax changes to consider. To make sure you understand your tax situation and are able to make sound financial decisions, consider talking with a tax professional.



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