The Keys Please

Chamber Takes Delivery 5.22.14Unlike the process at Peterson Ford or any other auto dealership when the ignition keys are handed over to the proud new vehicle owner, the keys with this delivery were to the hitch lock.

Taking those keys was Oconto Falls Area Chamber of Commerce President Gail Yatso and the vehicle was the custom built trailer that will be part of the grand prize ATV package given away at the Falls Fest raffle on September 28th.

The trailer was built by seniors in the advanced welding class at Oconto Falls High School. The trailer features a removable kayak rack that could also be used for ladders, lumber, or other long items. The beautiful wood deck of the trailer is a combination of cherry and oak and is car show truck bed quality.

The wood was donated by John Senn of Senn Landscaping. Tires and tire mounting were donated by Peterson Ford.

The tailgate is an unique fold down design that adds versatility to the trailer. The custom designed trailer came out so well that a second one is being fabricated as another end of the year project and will be offered for sale by the OFHS Tech Ed Department.

River Island Golf Course announces Junior Golf League

1510827_sRegistration has opened for a newly formed Junior Golf League. League will be open to golfers entering 6th grade in fall of 2014 up to 19 years old. Youth lessons will also be available for beginner golfers.

“This Junior Golf League will be a recreational league that will promote a social and fun way to experience the game of golf and enjoy this great course that we are so lucky to have here in Oconto Falls”, says league director Beth Jaeger.

Junior golf league will take place Thursdays from June 12 through July 31. Members will enjoy discounted fees, games, end of the year awards and banquet and golf clinics. The RIGC kitchen will serve up food specials every Thursday, helping to ensure the kids will have an enjoyable and affordable time.

An informational meeting will be held at River Island Golf Course on Thursday, May 22, 5:30 pm. For those interested in joining Junior Golf League or youth lessons, call Beth at 848-3569 or Ann at 373-6705 or e-mail Registration deadline is May 29.

Trailer Partnership

Through a unusual partnership between the Oconto Falls Area Chamber of Commerce and the Oconto Falls High School Tech Ed Department, several area businesses and communities will have a chance to see a great example of the design and fabrication work being done in that department. As part of the Chamber’s community Falls Fest celebration at the end of September there will be a major raffle of a Cabelas ATV, kayaks, and many other related items.

The idea was to have a trailer that would be part of the prize package and could be parked at various businesses and used in community parades during the summer leading up to the celebration at the end of September. It was suggested that the OFHS Tech Ed Department could build one of their custom trailers for the event to help promote their work. Taking it a step further, it would be great if the trailer could be designed to have a kayak rack that could also display those prizes as part of the display. OFHS Welding Instructor Tom Karban jumped on the idea and put his students to work designing and fabricating the custom trailer. Peterson Ford partnered with donating tires for the trailer, and John Senn of Senn Landscaping donated the decking for the trailer. The design/fabrication team included students Cole Nowinski, Jordon Neshek, Brian Peters, Nathan VanArk, Scott Anderson, Forest Rohr, Nicholas Gering, and Dillon Curl. The challenge was to put the trailer together and out the door to the paint shop so that it could be debuted in the Oconto Falls Memorial Day parade on May 26th. The parade will offer the first “up close” look at this custom trailer.

Falls Chamber ATV Trailer 5_opt Picture 1 The trailer takes shape in the fabrication shop at OFHS. The unique design includes removable kayak racks that could also serve as ladder rakes.

Falls Chamber ATV Trailer 5_opt (1)

Picture 2 Brian Peters prepares to attach the tailgate latch on the trailer. The design incudes an innovative tailgate that can lay flat inside the trailer to add versatility and less wind drag when that is desired.

Bark For Life Walk

New Picture (1)On Saturday, June 21, Hometown Veterinary Clinic in Oconto Falls will host a “Bark For Life” walk to benefit the American Cancer Society and their search for a cancer cure. This one mile or 2.5 mile walk for people and their canine companions will begin at 9:00 am at Hometown Veterinary Clinic, 180 E Highland Drive.

Participants will receive a gift bag and t-shirt as well as a bandana for their canine walking partner(s). All participants are encouraged to bring their dogs and families. Food will be provided after the walk. The cost is $25 per person in advance or $30 after June 13th. Registration on the day of the walk begins at 8:00 am.

Bark For Life honors the care giving qualities of our canine companions and caregivers. It presents an opportunity for people to be empowered through their canine companion partnerships and to contribute to cancer cures through the mission of the American Cancer Society. Participants come together to celebrate cancer survivorship, to honor people lost to cancer, to fundraise in support of cancer research, education, awareness, patient services, advocacy, and to help eliminate the suffering that cancer causes worldwide.

Contact Hometown Veterinary Clinic at (920) 848-4280 for more information or visit to sign up!

New Picture


The Oconto Falls High School Music Department recently participated in the State Solo and Ensemble Festival on Saturday, May 3 at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.  All State events received Class A Starred First ratings at the District Solo and Ensemble Festival in March.  State results were as follows:

Hannah Knutson, vocal solo*  (*WSMA Exemplary State Soloist Award)
Eja Sweig, vocal solo
Emily Coopman, vocal solo
Elissa Ribbens, vocal solo

Stephanie Gortarez, musical theater solo
Elissa Ribbens, musical theater solo
Hannah Knutson, musical theater solo

Hannah Knutson & Stephanie Gortarez, vocal duet
Eva Finke & Megan Heller, vocal duet
Ashley Baeten & Leah Wons, vocal duet

Eva Finke, piano solo
Elissa Ribbens, piano solo
Spencer Elkins, classical guitar solo
Shelley Cupino, pedal harp solo (home-based education)
Shelley Cupino, piano solo (home-based education)

Chamber Singers SSAA Madrigal:  Kaitie Spaude, Stephanie Gortarez, Hannah Knutson, Samara Kaiser, Eva Finke, Haley Pritzl, Leticia Schultz, Emily Winkler, Katelyn Bayer, Arianna Bloom, Denisha Hurning, DeAnna Konitzer, Ashley Terry, Natalie Irmen, Megan Heller, Kaylie Hetzel, Carly Lemke, Evelyn O’Harrow, &  Courtney VanHaren

Chamber Singers SSA Miscellaneous Ensemble:  Megan Heller, Hannah Knutson, Samara Kaiser, Leticia Schultz, Denisha Hurning, Eva Finke, Emily Winkler, Natalie Irmen, & Courtney VanHaren

Cantabile SSA Miscellaneous Ensemble:  Andrea Shamburek, Ahlana Saray, Elissa Ribbens, Emily Cooopman, Leah Wons, Ali Clark, Madison Fischer, Regina Garbrecht, Hannah Raasch, Brittany Wirtz, Jennifer Deau & Jacyln Erickson

Cantabile SSA Miscellaneous Ensemble:  Kiana Archiquette, Destiny Benesh, Ashley Baeten, Victoria Bain-Vrba, Chasity Tester, Chyna Sell, Michaela Meyer, Kari Ann Stich, Karley Krueger, Danielle Bursa, Adrianna Siech, Eja Sweig, & Chloe Hetzel

Cantabile SSA Madrigal:  Jennifer Deau, Ahlana Saray, Elissa Ribbens, Victoria Bain-Vrba, Ali Clark, Leah Wons, Madison Fischer, Chasity Tester, Andrea Shamburek, Hannah Raasch, Chloe Hetzel, & Brittany Wirtz

SATB Madrigal:  Hannah Knutson, Stephanie Gortarez, Emily Coopman, Leah Wons, Megan Heller, Eva Finke, Jennifer Deau, Garret Gubbels, Jorden Holt, Mike Kurzynske, Spencer Elkins, Angelo Betow, Nick Borisch, & Scott Heller

Vocal Jazz Ensemble:  Nick Borisch, Scott Heller, Angelo Betow, Spencer Elkins, Mike Kurzynske, Garret Gubbels, Jorden Holt, Hannah Knutson, Stephanie Gortarez, Emily Coopman, Leah Wons, Megan Heller, Eva Finke, & Jennifer Deau

Percussion Ensemble:  Cody Tappa, Matthew Lyng, Drew Demeny, Jordan Koppa, Ally Magnin, Cameron Box, McCoy Fischer, & Andrea Shamburek.

Stephanie Gortarez, vocal solo
Eva Finke, vocal solo
Jennifer Deau, vocal solo
Kiana Archiquette, vocal solo
Ashley Baeten, vocal solo
Jorden Holt, vocal solo
Leah Wons, vocal solo

Eva Finke, musical theater solo
Kaitie Spaude, musical theater solo

Hannah Knutson, piano solo
Cameron Box, drum set solo

Samara Kaiser & Nick Borisch, vocal duet
Ali Clark & Emily Winkler, vocal duet
Kayla Virtues & Emily Winkler, flute duet
Tanner Nys & Hannah Cunningham, flute & clarinet duet
Matthew Lyng & Cody Tappa, snare drum duet

DeAnna Konitzer, vocal solo

Abrams Theater Auditions


Abrams Spotlight Productions, Inc. will be holding open auditions for their next play, The Fox on the Fairway (Book by Ken Ludwig) on May 8 & 9, 2014 – 6:00pm-8:00pm at The Byng Community Theater, 5852 Maple Street, Abrams.

A tribute to the great English farces of the 1930’s and 1940’s, The Fox on the Fairway takes audiences on a hilarious romp which pulls the rug out from underneath the stuffy denizens of a private country club. Filled with mistaken identities, slamming doors, and over-the-top romantic shenanigans, it’s a furiously paced comedy that recalls the Marx Brothers’ classics. A charmingly madcap adventure about love, life, and man’s eternal love affair with…golf.

Actors age 18 and older are welcome to audition. Auditions will be cold readings from the script. You must audition in order to be in the show, no late entries will be allowed. Rehearsals will generally be on Sunday and Thursday nights beginning in May. Show dates are scheduled for August 8-10 & 15-17, 2014. Please consider your availability for all rehearsals and show dates, and your level of commitment before auditioning. The group is also looking for volunteers to serve as Backstage and Front of House Crew as well. For more information call Brandon Byng at (920) 826-5852 or visit