Nurse’s Nook expanding, transitioning to independent nonprofit organization

HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce Nurse’s Nook, a program that provides aid to children and families in need across Oconto County, is expanding and as a result transitioning to its own independent, nonprofit organization.

Nurse’s Nook was established in 2014 by school nurse, Nuala Nowicki, RN, to assist students and their families in the Gillett School District in need of food, clothing, basic hygiene supplies, medical supplies and more. As the need for additional assistance across the region was discovered, HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital joined Nuala in her efforts and in 2017 made the Nurse’s Nook an official program of the hospital supported by the hospital’s philanthropic, charitable arm – the HSHS St. Clare Foundation. This allowed the program to expand to additional school districts within Oconto Co. including Suring, Oconto Falls, Lena and beyond.

Today, approximately 400 students per day benefit from the Nurse’s Nook program; over 50,000 items are distributed to children and families annually; and the Weekend Food Program provides more than 200 households with weekly access to nutritious, delicious food for the whole family. In addition to food programs, Nurse’s Nook continues to provide over-the-counter medications, hygiene products, clothing, medical equipment and education, mental health services and tools, and transportation support.

“We are extremely proud of the work Nurse’s Nook staff, HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital, HSHS St. Clare Foundation, and our communities have contributed to make the program the success it is today,” said Chris Brabant, President and CEO, HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital. “As the program continues to expand in new and innovative ways, the hospital, Foundation and Nurse’s Nook staff have come to the mutual decision to let Nurse’s Nook spread its wings and transition to its own, independent nonprofit organization. While Nurse’s Nook is no longer a program of HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital, we remain cheerleaders of this tremendous program and encourage all in our community to continue to support them in their next chapter.”

To donate and/or to learn more information about Nurse’s Nook, contact:
The Nurse’s Nook LLC
P.O. Box 26
Oconto Falls, WI 54124

“At HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital, we are not only committed to providing high quality health care that is close to home in Oconto County, but we are also committed to serving our communities. In tandem with the HSHS St. Clare Foundation, we will continue to look for additional ways to support and enhance the health and wellbeing of our patients and communities beyond the walls of our health care facilities,” said Brabant.