Time to AMP IT UP!!!

NWTC in Oconto Falls is pleased to offer two FREE learning sessions to the Oconto Falls Area this spring.  Open to adults, these sessions are titled:  What’s Your Brand?  and How do You Share?  These will be offered from 5-7pm on Thursday, April 10, 2014.  Each attendee will get to participate in both sessions.

The “What’s Your Brand” session will help you learn what your online presence looks like and what you can do to improve your image and future connections through online media.  Do you have things posted on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that might be considered questionable by a future employer?  Not sure?  How does your boss and co-workers perceive you at work based on your personal pages?  This session will address these questions and more.

In the “How Do You Share?” session, you will gain an understanding of what social media and photography now have in common and how you can share photos with family, friends and professional sites.  You will be taught about photo placement as well as sharing on a variety of types of social media.  You may even learn a few tips to improve the quality of your photos.

Just call 920-848-6982 to sign up – it’s FREE.

NWTC Oconto Falls
649 E. Jackson St
Oconto Falls, WI  54154

AMP it up