OFHS Music Students Excel at State

State SingersOconto Falls High School Choir and Band students were well-represented at the State Solo and Ensemble Festival on Saturday, May 7 at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Five OFHS vocal solo performances were selected as WSMA exemplary soloist nominees, representing the best performances at the state level. Congratulations to the following student musicians:

Kiana Archiquette, vocal solo – EXEMPLARY SOLOIST NOMINATION
Victoria Bain-Vrba, vocal solo
Emily Coopman, vocal solo
Jennifer Deau, vocal solo
Makenna Kussow, vocal solo
Kayla Sharboneau, vocal solo
Kaitlin Kramarczyk, vocal solo
Camden Jackson, vocal solo
Peter Murphy, vocal solo
Alex Kamke, vocal solo

Leah Wons, musical theater solo– EXEMPLARY SOLOIST NOMINATION
Victoria Bain-Vrba, musical theater solo – EXEMPLARY SOLOIST NOMINATION
Paige Bain-Vrba, musical theater solo
Kiana Archiquette, musical theater solo
Andrea Shamburek, musical theater solo

Cameron Box, drum set solo

Victoria Bain-Vrba & Paige Bain-Vrba, vocal duet
Ashley Baeten & Leah Wons, vocal duet

SSA Trio: Jaclyn Erickson, Simone Safian, & Emily Coopman
SSA Trio: Jennifer Deau, Leah Wons, & Ashley Baeten

Chamber Singers SSA Miscellaneous Ensemble: Andrea Shamburek,
Victoria Bain-Vrba, Emily Coopman, Danielle Bursa, Alexandria Clark, Michaela Meyer, Simone Safian, Jaclyn Erickson, Karley Krueger, Ashley Baeten, Adrianna Siech, & Brittany Wirtz

Chamber Singers SSA Miscellaneous Ensemble: Kiana Archiquette,
Leah Wons, Jennifer Deau, Ahlana Saray, Chyna Sell, Chloe Hetzel,
& Eja Sweig

Chamber Singers SSAA Madrigal: Leah Wons, Brittany Wirtz, Eja Sweig, Adrianna Siech, Andrea Shamburek, Karley Krueger, Ahlana Saray, Simone Safian, Chloe Hetzel, Jaclyn Erickson, Jennifer Deau, Chyna Sell, Michaela Meyer, Emily Coopman, Alexandria Clark, Danielle Bursa, Victoria Bain-Vrba, Ashley Baeten, & Kiana Archiquette

Cantabile SSAA Madrigal: Makenna Kussow, Paige Bain-Vrba, Megan Loberger, Kaitlyn Brunette, Aliza Dickinson, Kayla Sharboneau, Theresa Whitehouse, Rayne Winans, Taylor Blasing, Hailey Ferfecki, Jennifer Longsine, Alicia Carter, Kaylin Nickels, Taylor Pritzl, Morgan Haslitt, Faith Hujet, Kaitlin Kramarczyk, Camryn Radaj, & Cortney Meunier

Cantabile SSA Miscellaneous Ensemble: Jennifer Longsine, Aliza Dickinson, Makenna Kussow, Megan Loberger, Megan Zielinski, Kaitlyn Brunette, Alicia Carter, Theresa Whitehouse, Taylor Blasing, Kaylee Greetan, Morgan Haslitt, Kaylin Nickels, Camryn Radaj, & Taylor Pritzl

Chorale TTBB Miscellaneous Ensemble: Jacob Ellman, Alex Kamke, Ethan Winkler, Hunter Christenson, Camden Jackson, Wylie Howey, David Grenke, Hunter Ryczek, Yibo Li, & Peter Murphy

SATB Madrigal: Victoria Bain-Vrba, Eja Sweig, Kiana Archiquette, Ashley Baeten, Emily Coopman, Leah Wons, Jennifer Deau, Jaclyn Erickson, Makenna Kussow, Simone Safian, Andrea Shamburek, Hunter Christenson, Wylie Howey, Alex Kamke, Ethan Winkler, Camden Jackson, Hunter Ryczek, Jacob Ellman, & Peter Murphy