Construction November 2nd

For the week of November 2nd to November 6th

  • Crews will be working from Main Street to Cherry Street on WIS 22.

o   WIS 22 will be open to local traffic from South Main Street to Cherry Street but will be limited, due to construction activity along the corridor.

o   Both Cherry Street and Caldwell Avenue will be closed to WIS 22 from the east while the intersections achieves proper cure time and strengths.

o   Martell Construction will continue pouring sidewalks and driveways along the south and north side of the roadway from Union Street to Cherry Street.

o   Peters Concrete will start placing topsoil.

o   Landscapers will start working on the landscaped areas near Caldwell and the library late in the week.

o   Turf landscaping and signing will start late in the week.

  • The schedule is subject to change due to unforeseen conflicts and/or weather events.
  • Traffic control measure should ONLY be moved by authorized personnel.