The Oconto Falls High School Music Department recently participated in the State Solo and Ensemble Festival on Saturday, May 3 at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.  All State events received Class A Starred First ratings at the District Solo and Ensemble Festival in March.  State results were as follows:

Hannah Knutson, vocal solo*  (*WSMA Exemplary State Soloist Award)
Eja Sweig, vocal solo
Emily Coopman, vocal solo
Elissa Ribbens, vocal solo

Stephanie Gortarez, musical theater solo
Elissa Ribbens, musical theater solo
Hannah Knutson, musical theater solo

Hannah Knutson & Stephanie Gortarez, vocal duet
Eva Finke & Megan Heller, vocal duet
Ashley Baeten & Leah Wons, vocal duet

Eva Finke, piano solo
Elissa Ribbens, piano solo
Spencer Elkins, classical guitar solo
Shelley Cupino, pedal harp solo (home-based education)
Shelley Cupino, piano solo (home-based education)

Chamber Singers SSAA Madrigal:  Kaitie Spaude, Stephanie Gortarez, Hannah Knutson, Samara Kaiser, Eva Finke, Haley Pritzl, Leticia Schultz, Emily Winkler, Katelyn Bayer, Arianna Bloom, Denisha Hurning, DeAnna Konitzer, Ashley Terry, Natalie Irmen, Megan Heller, Kaylie Hetzel, Carly Lemke, Evelyn O’Harrow, &  Courtney VanHaren

Chamber Singers SSA Miscellaneous Ensemble:  Megan Heller, Hannah Knutson, Samara Kaiser, Leticia Schultz, Denisha Hurning, Eva Finke, Emily Winkler, Natalie Irmen, & Courtney VanHaren

Cantabile SSA Miscellaneous Ensemble:  Andrea Shamburek, Ahlana Saray, Elissa Ribbens, Emily Cooopman, Leah Wons, Ali Clark, Madison Fischer, Regina Garbrecht, Hannah Raasch, Brittany Wirtz, Jennifer Deau & Jacyln Erickson

Cantabile SSA Miscellaneous Ensemble:  Kiana Archiquette, Destiny Benesh, Ashley Baeten, Victoria Bain-Vrba, Chasity Tester, Chyna Sell, Michaela Meyer, Kari Ann Stich, Karley Krueger, Danielle Bursa, Adrianna Siech, Eja Sweig, & Chloe Hetzel

Cantabile SSA Madrigal:  Jennifer Deau, Ahlana Saray, Elissa Ribbens, Victoria Bain-Vrba, Ali Clark, Leah Wons, Madison Fischer, Chasity Tester, Andrea Shamburek, Hannah Raasch, Chloe Hetzel, & Brittany Wirtz

SATB Madrigal:  Hannah Knutson, Stephanie Gortarez, Emily Coopman, Leah Wons, Megan Heller, Eva Finke, Jennifer Deau, Garret Gubbels, Jorden Holt, Mike Kurzynske, Spencer Elkins, Angelo Betow, Nick Borisch, & Scott Heller

Vocal Jazz Ensemble:  Nick Borisch, Scott Heller, Angelo Betow, Spencer Elkins, Mike Kurzynske, Garret Gubbels, Jorden Holt, Hannah Knutson, Stephanie Gortarez, Emily Coopman, Leah Wons, Megan Heller, Eva Finke, & Jennifer Deau

Percussion Ensemble:  Cody Tappa, Matthew Lyng, Drew Demeny, Jordan Koppa, Ally Magnin, Cameron Box, McCoy Fischer, & Andrea Shamburek.

Stephanie Gortarez, vocal solo
Eva Finke, vocal solo
Jennifer Deau, vocal solo
Kiana Archiquette, vocal solo
Ashley Baeten, vocal solo
Jorden Holt, vocal solo
Leah Wons, vocal solo

Eva Finke, musical theater solo
Kaitie Spaude, musical theater solo

Hannah Knutson, piano solo
Cameron Box, drum set solo

Samara Kaiser & Nick Borisch, vocal duet
Ali Clark & Emily Winkler, vocal duet
Kayla Virtues & Emily Winkler, flute duet
Tanner Nys & Hannah Cunningham, flute & clarinet duet
Matthew Lyng & Cody Tappa, snare drum duet

DeAnna Konitzer, vocal solo