Welcome Morgan Solar Energy as a new member of our chamber

We would like to welcome Morgan Solar Energy as a new member of our chamber. They are located at:

8265 Schroeder Road, Oconto Falls, WI 54154
(visits by appointment)
Ph#: 920-373-5277
M-F 9:30AM-5PM S-S Variable
Email: morgsat1@gmail.com

A note from Mark

My name is Mark and I am the owner of Morgan Solar Energy. Those who know me may remember Morgan Satellite & Electronics which served NE Wisconsin for the last 20 years.

Our country (and recently Wisconsin) have multiple serious problems. Once of them involves how we generate and use energy as a country. As a fact-based individual and company, Morgan Solar Energy aims to be part of a healthy, sustainable solution.

Morgan Solar Energy offers grid-tied and off-grid solar electrical systems which offsets part or all of your electric bill. We can even offer a renewable energy solution that will allow you to buy a plug-in hybrid vehicle and have “your own gas station”! We also offer battery-backup (or battery-based off-grid systems) for when utility power is unavailable.

Morgan Solar Energy is unique in that we can design your system and sell you the parts and pieces at near internet pricing if you wish to install it yourself. Or if you need a little help here and there, we can fit in on an hourly basis. Or if you wish for a turn-key solution, we can do that, too.

We at Morgan Solar Energy are a home-based business and we have a working model of everything we sell. That means we have almost no electrical bill and we can run on battery inverter, solar panels, and integrated generator indefinitely should the local utility disappear.

If you are interested in reducing your energy bill, give us a call and come see what we have done here. You will like our attitude and helpfulness. After all, our primary interest is not making money, but saving the planet. We hope to see you soon.