Slip-and-fall injuries due to icy conditions

Slip-and-fall injuries due to icy conditions are a common occurrence during Wisconsin winter months. To prevent injury, consider the following tips from HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital and its partner, Prevea Health.


  1. Walk like a penguin.Waddle and keep your center of gravity over your front leg. Raise your arms slightly for balance, keep your hands out of your pockets and your feet pointed slightly apart.
  2. Wear shoes or boots with traction.
  3. Be careful when entering or exiting a vehicle.
  4. Assume that all surfaces are slippery.
  5. Stay on designated pathways.
  6. Apply salt or sand to slippery surfaces, but keep in mind that salt will only melt if the temperature is 20 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer.

Snow can also be a safety hazard this time of year. For tips on safe snow removal, click here.