NWTC Delivering Credentials

NWTC in Oconto Falls has many classes available in a number of fields but now more than ever the site is delivering credentials in areas of business that companies and their employees can finish locally. Here are two that can be started and completed within the learner’s schedule:

Program Highlight: Leadership Development

The Leadership Development program is designed for persons who are already engaged in, or are preparing for, leadership roles in an organization.
Traditionally, a supervisor plans, organizes, directs, and coordinates activities of non-management employees in various occupational settings; trains and evaluates employees under her or his authority; implements policy decisions and work systems established by upper management; and facilitates communication and work flow. This program builds on these skills. In addition it prepares future leaders by teaching system(s), variation, and continuous improvement processes; how to be facilitators rather than bosses; effectively managing work place diversity; how to help organizations adapt to change and encourage innovation; leadership skills; critical thinking skills; and communication skills appropriate to a team environment.

Program Highlight: Human Resources
The Human Resources Associate Degree program prepares the learner for success in the dynamic work environments of: employment law, training and development of employees, compensation and benefits administration, labor relations supporting bargaining agreements, and wellness and safety initiatives.