Hwy 22 project is beginning this week

9518833_sThe Hwy 22 project is beginning this week. Attached are two maps for your use. One map is of the City of Oconto Falls (make copies and hand out for detour info) and the second map is a color coded map of the construction zones. The projected estimated closures are as follows.

Stage 1 – Substage 1A (Pink) – Starting next week with completion in about 3 weeks.
Stage 1 – Substage 1B (Red) – Next week through August 3
Stage 1 – Substage 1C (Green) – When school is complete(June 4th?) through August 3
Stage 2 – Substage 2A (Gray) – August 3 through October 31
Stage 2 – Substage 2B (Blue) – This section will not be closed. Switch lane traffic during constuction.

During construction, there will be project managers available at the field trailer to answer questions. Trailer location to be announced. There will also be a meeting held every two weeks at City Hall starting Friday May 1st.

Download City Street PDF here.

Download the stage map here