Fall Prevention Awareness Day

Fall PreventionFall Prevention Awareness Day

Wednesday, September 23,2015
10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Bond Community Center
1201 Park Avenue, Oconto

Increase your knowledge decease your risk.

Exhibitors Include:
Ophthalmology-BayCare Clinic
Podiatry Education-Elite Foot & Ankle Clinic
Medication Drop Box-Oconto Public Health/Oconto
Police Department
Fall Prevention Education-Commission on Aging
Caregiver Tools-UW-Extension
Physical and Occupational Therapy-Bellin Health
Oconto Hospital
Silver Sneakers Class-Bond Community Center
Quality Living By Choice-Carol Luebeck
Home Safety-EMT and Firefighters
Medication Education-HSHS St.Clare
Bone Density and Calcium-Ryan MacDonald, PA
Bellin Health

For more information call:
Oconto County Public Health
Brittany Beyer
Phone: 920-834-7000