Buddy & Beyond – History of Rock and Roll

Abrams Theatre is REALLY excited to announce that we have a very talented Buddy Holly impersonator coming to The Byng Community Theater on October 12, 2013 at 2:00p & 7:00p! Tickets are on sale now, and get them soon because space is limited and tickets prices increase if you purchase them at the door.

Buy Tickets online at www.AbramsTheatre.com or by Calling the Box Office at 920-826-5852.

Abrams Spotlight Productions, Inc. Presents…
Johnny Rogers’ Buddy & Beyond: History of Roll & Roll

Johnny will transport his audience back in time when you could go to your favorite malt shops with your favorite girl and dance to your favorite bands.

His show will start with his portrayal of country legend Johnny Cash. By his side is the legendary Tommy Allsup (2 time Grammy winning Producer and Artist). Tommy played on more than 6,500 sessions and was Buddy Holly’s friend and lead guitarist from 1958-1959. He escaped death when flipping a coin with Ritchie Valens. Ritchie called heads and the rest is Rock N Roll history. The second show Johnny will portray Elvis Presley re-creating his Sun Studio and early RCA years. The show will climax with Johnny’s uncanny portrayal of the late great Buddy Holly.