4X4 General Studies Transfer Certificate

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College’s Oconto Falls Regional Learning Center will offer a new program this fall semester. The 32 credit “4 x 4” General Studies Transfer Certificate will allow students to seamlessly transfer into a University of Wisconsin school at the end of one year with a sophomore status. The“4×4”in the Transfer Certificate refers to an innovative new schedule design that has students take one class at a time for four days a week, completing each course in four weeks.

Classes offered as part of the Transfer Certificate comprise the core requirements of most college degree programs, and include English, math, anatomy, a course on diversity and others. The new program schedule was created based on feedback from students and high school advisors who were interested in a concentrated class schedule that would allow time for students to have a job.

NWTC administrators designed each course to maximize personalized attention for students. Classes are kept small, and include guest speakers, opportunities for extra tutoring, and extensive one-on-one class time.

The new program also offers an affordable option for students looking to stay closer to home. The total cost for the 32-credit General Studies Transfer Certificate is around $4,000, a savings of thousands of dollars when compared to most universities.

While courses taken as part of the “4 x 4” General Studies Transfer Certificate are guaranteed to transfer into UW-Green Bay, NWTC also maintains credit transfer agreements with nearly 40 other private and public colleges and University of Wisconsin System schools.

For more information on the “4 x 4” General Studies Transfer Certificate and other programs at the NWTC – Oconto Falls Regional Learning Center, contact April Konitzer at april.konitzer@nwtc.edu or call (920) 848-6982. The NWTC – Oconto Falls Regional Learning Center is located at 649 E. Jackson St, Oconto Falls 54154