Submit News

Our Oconto Falls Area Chamber news page is designed to give both visitors and area residents news and information about what is happening in our area. Combined with Facebook and the power of social media, this can be a great resource and benefit to our members.

If you are a chamber member that is having a public event or want to share a news item, send it to us. The items that qualify are things that people want to hear about. This may include public events and outings; grand openings and business start ups; relevant news items and more.

We need the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY. We can also add downloadable pdf forms. A photo with the story goes a long way as well. Especially since we cross promote your event then on Facebook and our newsletter.

The requirement that we have is that it is a local, newsworthy article that benefits our visitors to the area, our community, local business and chamber members.

Depending upon the item, we can place it in our news engine, Facebook and newsletter. Speaking of our newsletter, make sure you sign up for it by clicking here.

Please note: PDF’s and JPG’s are great for sending and downloading posters and files. They are lousy for news engines because they cannot be displayed. They can only be clicked on as a link to open up. This means we would need at a minimum a two-three paragraph news release to go with it, preferably with a photo.

PLEASE send a word doc or text file with photos attached separate.

As always, images with stories are much more desirable to the reader. Send photos if you can with your news.

If you have a question if something would qualify, please contact us here.